Monday, February 8, 2010

Ravine Vineyard
(Photograph taken by Kevin Brochu)

Ravine is one of my wineries of choice for Chardonnay. The reason for this is because of their soil. I believe that they have some of the best soil for grape growing in Niagara.The vineyard is located on a river channel that once existed thousands of years ago. This river channel connected old Lake Iroquois to the Niagara River and was a natural drainage system for water and iceberg pieces. The iceberg pieces and water were full of minerals and would bring up the soil underneath enriching it with nutrients.

I tasted and judged the 2008 Chardonnay and the 2008 Reserve Chardonnay.

2008 Chardonnay – 24$

Visual : light straw colour

Aroma : Musqué, pear, caramel, butterscotch

Flavour: sharp acidity, little bitter, sits well on the back of the palate, pear, little body

My opinion: I am very disappointed with the 2008 Ravine Chardonnay. The aroma and flavour were both very faint, there was little body and was not well layered. However, the very light straw colour indicates that it is a very young wine. With that in mind, the 2008 Chardonnay will definitely improve and gain some complexity over the next 2-5 years. However, for the time being the 2008 Chardonnay is not worth the 24$.

My rating: 60/100 – Not a good buy, not worth the price

2008 Reserve Chardonnay – 38$

Visual: light straw colour

Aroma: vanilla, lavender, very floral, butter, pineapple

Flavour: Full bodied, nice velvet texture, pear, tangerine, balanced acidity, tangerine, butter, caramel

My opinion: Because this is their Reserve series Chardonnay I am going into this tasting with high expectations. I am looking for a big well-rounded body, well-balanced acidity, a long lingering finish, and a complexity of fruit and creamy flavours. Unfortunately, I was once again disappointed. This 2008 Reserve Chardonnay was still too young to be tasted. There is a nice acidity balance, nice body and texture, good fruit flavours and some butter-caramel flavours but it was all very faint. The light straw colour as well as the faintness in aroma and flavour once again indicates that the wine is still very young age. A 38$ bottle of Chardonnay should be much more pronounced in flavour and aroma. This Chardonnay will need a minimum of 2-3 years until this $38 bottle is worth buying.

My rating: 65/100 – Not a good buy, not worth the price

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